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The finishes currently available are: copper, nickel, brass, chrome, satin nickel and / or pearl, satin chrome and / or pearl, black nickel, gold plated, silver, gold, antique brass, old copper, old silver, manual and mechanical polishing (vibration), deposition of metal on leather, plastic resin, wood, etc.

::: Teminados y Acabados :::

COPPER. An electro deposited copper coating for increased corrosion protection applied in base metal such as copper, brass, iron, zinc alloy and other metal alloys.

NICKEL. The nickel is electro deposited on some metals, for their appearance is a white metal, used as a decorative finish and improving conditions of the base metal may be copper, brass, iron, zinc alloy and other metal alloys, providing protection corrosion and hardness of the surface of this deposit can be deposited electro chrome, black nickel, brass, satin nickel, silver, gold, etc.. The thickness of the nickel layer is crucial to protect the base metal, the Commercial Deposit is 2 microns and is deposited in thicker according to customer requirements.

SATIN NICKEL and / or PERL. It is an electro nickel deposit with special additives to give a satin finish or pearl, nickel is applied after the bright nickel bath, this is a decoration on the deposit which you can apply a layer of chromium.

CHROME. The chrome is an electro deposit of chromium and is usually applied after the layer of nickel for decorative finishes. It is one of the final finish and high hardness to abrasion, there are two types of finish hard chrome plated which is used for corrosion resistance in industrial processes such as plastic extruicción, etc. And the chrome is applied decorative bath accessories, furniture fittings, self defense, etc.

BRASS. This electro deposit of Brass, is a decorative finish that is applied after the nickel and requires following this electro deposit a layer of clear lacquer for a longer lasting finish.





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